Hahaha, I actually like smoking bans, but what I really like is when smokers get all riled up about laws pertaining to their dirty habit.

The RI Senate passed a bill today banning smoking in all indoor public places except our two gambling facilities (“all encompassing vice dens”). Now the bill goes to the House, where they are expected to be receptive to it, though their version has only temporary exemptions for some places. Once they get their stories straight it should go through, and the Gov is expected to sign it. Good.

Not satisfied with an almost complete ban on indoor smoking, the American Cancer Society says “the permanent exemptions show ‘disregard for the lives of nearly 1,200 employees at both Newport Grand and Lincoln Park.’ ” I know I was extolling their virtues the other day, but the hyperbole about health effects of various things can get a little old. A disregard for their lives?! Ok, health, maybe.

Which isn’t to say that long term exposure to second hand smoke isn’t harmful. It is. But sometimes I get the feeling different groups can get caught up in the science, and that makes people insane. I’d ban indoor smoking in public places (especially restaurants) on a public nuisance basis, but that’s just me.

So good work, Senators! Let the letters to the editor from smokers begin!

Anti-Smoking Fascists Get Victory in RI

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