Get those brooms out, it’s time to sweep up the mess in the Bronx: the Boston Red Sox win three in a row against the New York Yankees. Due to today’s impending win by the Devil Rays, we can now dust off this beautiful graphic, something as rare as a Monster Seat ticket for less than $200:

Now, it’s April. There’s 144 games left. The Red Sox pitching has been so good it’s unfair to expect it to continue. Same for the bats rotting in the Yankee dugout. OK, with that out of the way…

Suck it, Yankees! We can actually, honestly say “Yankees Suck.” Jeter, 0-24! Six losses in seven tries against your rivals? Trailing the Devil Rays in the standings?! Good luck against Oakland’s Big Three this week…

And, ladies and gentlemen, how ’bout them Red Sox? 24+ Scoreless innings from a bullpen that last year was in full meltdown mode by this point in the season. Starting pitching has been good as advertised, and the bats are doing enough. And Trot and Nomar aren’t even in the lineup yet! Winners of 8 of the last 10… I love this!

Spring Cleaning

  • April 25th, 2004
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